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Why can't oxygen cylinder be contaminated with grease

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Why can't oxygen bottles, especially the mouth, be contaminated or come into contact with grease? This problem is not fully known to the management of use operations and storage. Fats, especially those containing unsaturated fatty acids, are easily gasified and exothermic. The spontaneous combustion of oil yarn head and oil cloth is due to oxidation in the air and the accumulation of heat. But the oil gasification speed in the air is slower, the heat generated quickly sends out, generally not easy to gather heat spontaneous combustion. Because pure oxygen is extremely oxidizing, it can stimulate the violent combustion of combustibles. When oil and fats meet pure oxygen, their gasification is greatly accelerated and a large amount of heat is released. The temperature rises rapidly and will soon cause combustion. If grease on oxygen bottle, when oxygen out sharply, fat oxidizing reaction quickly, and high pressure air flow and the heat generated by the friction bottle and further accelerate the oxidation reaction of contamination in the oxygen bomb or the grease of the pressure reducing valve can cause burning explosion, even this is oxygen bottles especially bottle mouth and attachments is strictly prohibited contact with oxygen contact with grease.

So, what measures should we take to prevent oxygen cylinders and other grease contamination during storage, transportation and use?

1, oxygen bottles and storage of oxygen warehouse should be prohibited oil signs, remind people: in addition to the oxygen cylinder is not allowed to contact oil, including oxygen contact accessories (such as pressure reducing valve, welding torch, gas hose, etc.), can not contact oil.

2. Storeroom for storing oxygen cylinders and transportation vehicles are strictly prohibited from storing and transporting oil and grease. If the warehouse, vehicles contaminated with oil, to be thoroughly removed before storage or shipment.

3. The oxygen cylinder should wear a safety helmet during storage and transportation to prevent the invasion of oil or dust or mechanical damage to the oxygen cylinder nozzle.

4. For the use, storage and transportation operation and management personnel are not allowed to wear work clothes, gloves and other contact with the oxygen cylinder and its accessories contaminated with oil. 5. If the cylinder is stained with grease, it should be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride or cleaning agent, but should not be wiped with combustible organic solvent.

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