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An industrial guide to the use of gas cylinders

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The department of the use of industrial gas cylinders (including relevant parties) shall implement the management responsibility person and monitor the whole process of the use.

Before the use of the gas cylinder, the user shall designate a special person to confirm the seal mark, color mark and safety status, and shall not put into use the gas cylinder that does not meet the safety technical requirements.

The user shall operate in accordance with the instructions.

The location of the gas cylinder shall not be close to the heat source and electrical equipment. The horizontal distance from the open flame shall not be less than 10 meters, and the horizontal distance between oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall not be less than 5 meters.

Cylinders should be used upright, not lying down.

Cylinder is prohibited to knock, collision, arc on the cylinder body, refrigeration equipment which good small make up to tell you, prohibit the use of the cylinder placed on the electrical insulator.

Cylinders should not be placed in places with poor ventilation or radioactive sources.

During use, measures should be taken to prevent the cylinder from being exposed to the sun or baking, and heating the cylinder with a heat source above 40℃ is prohibited.

During the moving operation, special trolleys shall be used for transportation, and oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall not be transported in the same vehicle.

The outlet of the bottle valve is equipped with special pressure reducer and tempering preventer, which shall be used according to the specified discharge flow rate and discharge pressure.

During the use of the cylinder, the special wrench for opening and closing the cylinder valve should always be installed on the cylinder valve. Refrigeration equipment small make up to tell you, temporarily interrupt the use, close the welding, cutting tool valve and bottle valve, prohibit hand-held ignited welding, cutting tool adjustment reducing valve or open closed valve.

During the use of gas cylinders, the leakage should be promptly dealt with, and the use in the case of leakage is prohibited.

Units and individuals using gas cylinders shall not repair or replace the cylinder valves, fusible alloy plugs and other accessories by themselves. Welding repair of cylinders and bases in use is prohibited.

Do not exhaust the gas in the cylinder, leaving enough pressure or weight. The residual pressure of the gas cylinder should not be less than 0.05mpa.

No more than 4 cylinders of the same kind shall be placed in the same place at the work site. Different cylinders shall be kept at a safe distance.

These small series of refrigeration equipment to share the knowledge, we must remember to pay attention to the use of oh!