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What are the main applications of industrial gases?

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Industrial gases are widely used in chemical industry, medical and health care, metallurgy, mining, semiconductor industry, etc. Industrial gases are necessary and indispensable in production and life. The application scope of industrial gases commonly used by yuejia gas is as follows:

1, metal welding, cutting and various combustion devices combustion gas and some processes of oxidation gas.

2. Mechanical industry: metal welding and cutting can greatly improve the work efficiency.

3. Chemical industry: chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, dyes and explosives are manufactured, and also used for intensive production (such as oxygen blowing to produce yellow phosphorus, oxygen spraying to oxidize inferior coal, etc.).

4, electronics industry: in addition to being used as combustion gas, or manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit oxidation gas, high purity oxygen is also an important gas material for manufacturing optical fiber.

5, wide use of national defense: a larger dosage of rockets.

Nitrogen in industrial gases:

1. Nitrogen-filled packaging, nitrogen-filled bulb. Grain, canned food, fruit and so on are usually packed with nitrogen to prevent corrosion. Nitrogen filling in the bulb can prevent the oxidation of tungsten wire and slow down the rate of volatilization of tungsten wire, prolong the service life of the bulb.

2, chemical synthesis, is a synthetic fiber (nylon, acrylic), synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and other important raw materials, can also make fertilizer.

3, the production of car tires, prevent tire and lack of air rolling, extend the service life of the tire, reduce fuel consumption, protect the environment.

4. Industrial gas can also be used as protective gas. Under normal conditions, nitrogen is not very reactive chemically, so it is often used as protective gas. When welding metals, nitrogen is used to protect them from oxidation.

5, the protection of historical relics, in the museum, often some precious and rare picture pages, books stored in the cylinder filled with industrial gas nitrogen, can make moths in nitrogen suffocated