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China oxygen cylinder factory / iso9809 standard

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China oxygen cylinder factory / iso9809 standard

China Shandong Yong'an special equipment Co., Ltd., established in June 2014 and located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China, is a steel cylinder manufacturing company integrating R & D and production.

The company has the production qualification of steel seamless gas cylinders issued by AQSIQ, Production (oxygen cylinder, argon cylinder, nitrogen cylinder, carbon dioxide cylinder, helium cylinder, hydrogen cylinder), the company mainly produces 140mm / volume 4-6l, 152mm / volume 7-10l, 159mm / volume 15L, 219mm / volume 40L, Seamless gas cylinders (diameter 232mm / volume 50L) have two working pressures of 15MPa / 20MPa, and the products have passed iso9809-1 and iso9809-3 quality certification.

The products produced in many countries in the world have been highly praised and recognized by the majority of users!