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What are the safety regulations for the use of oxygen cylinders?

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With the development of economy, the medical level is also improving. Oxygen cylinder is a common medical equipment in hospitals, is used for respiratory diseases, hypoxia oxygen supply equipment. What are the safety regulations when we use oxygen cylinders? Next by small make up to take you to understand:

Regulations for the safe use of oxygen cylinders:

1. The operator shall be trained before taking up the post. Pure cotton work clothes, shoes without nails, gloves work clothes and all tools should not be stained with oil.

2. The oxygen cylinder should be used upright and firmly fixed with the oxygen cylinder cart or other supports.

3. When opening the cylinder valve, people should stand on the side and open it slowly to reduce air friction and impact.

4. The residual gas above 0.5mpa should be left in the cylinder after use, and the cylinder valve should be closed tightly.

5. It is forbidden to knock or crash the oxygen cylinder, and when the cylinder valve is frozen, it is not allowed to thaw with fire.

6. It is strictly forbidden to overhaul gas cylinders with pressure. It is strictly forbidden to refit oxygen cylinders with other gases.

7. When the oxygen cylinder catches fire, the oxygen valve should be closed immediately. When the nearby buildings or burning materials catch fire, the oxygen cylinder should be moved to a safe place quickly.

8, oxygen cylinder management, handling personnel strictly implement the safety operation rules and safety system, oxygen cylinder handling beware of impact, the user must pay attention to safety, do not smoke, oxygen cylinder valve and pipeline switch must check, close well, do not allow oxygen leakage phenomenon, non-working personnel are not allowed to use.

9. Strictly carry out relevant regulations, regularly conduct pressure test and scrap and update of oxygen cylinders, with clear identification, complete books and annual inspection. The maintenance and transportation of oxygen and related equipment shall be carried out by the pharmacy department, and the oxygen cylinders obtained by the department shall be in line with the principle of who is responsible for the use of the oxygen cylinder. After use, the valve shall be closed timely, and smoking and open fire shall be strictly prohibited to ensure the safety of use.