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What should be paid attention to when oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder are used?

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Oxygen and acetylene bottles belong to pressure vessels. In order to ensure safe operation, the following requirements should be paid attention to when using:

1. Acetylene bottle must be equipped with a special decompression device and tempering device. When opening, the operator should stand behind the side of the valve port, the action should be light and fine.

2. Acetylene cylinders and oxygen cylinders shall not be close to heat sources or electrical equipment to prevent exposure to the sun. Oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders without pressure reducer are strictly prohibited.

3. When using acetylene bottle, it should be fixed and reliable to prevent tipping. It is strictly prohibited to lay down and use.

4. Acetylene and oxygen cylinders are strictly prohibited to be lifted and transported by rope. If the local point is moved frequently, they should be mounted on special trolleys.

5. It is strictly prohibited to transport oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders together. It is not allowed to transport them together with flammable articles or containers containing combustible gases.

6. When acetylene and oxygen cylinder valves are frozen, it is strictly prohibited to bake with fire, and defrost with 40℃ warm water if necessary. During welding, it is forbidden to contact clothes, gloves or other greasy tools and articles with oil beads with oxygen cylinder hoses and joints.

7. Collision and knocking on oxygen and acetylene cylinders are prohibited, and the helmet shall not be removed without authorization.

8. The gas in the bottle is strictly prohibited to be used up and must be no less than the prescribed requirements (acetylene 0.028mpa, oxygen 0.19mpa). The used bottle should be marked "empty bottle".

9. A maximum of 5 cylinders should be placed in the open air and shielded from the sun by a tent or light board shed.

10. No flammable items shall be piled up within 10 meters of the storage cylinder warehouse, no casting, welding and other open fire work shall be carried out, and no smoking shall be allowed. Storage facilities for gas cylinders are not allowed to have heating equipment.

11. Cylinders must be carried by two people, or with a special trolley and a special lifting rack. No hand or shoulder handling or rolling is allowed.

12. Cover each cylinder with a rope ring or two rubber bands not less than 25mm thick to avoid collision.

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