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How should the use of oxygen cylinders made in China be managed

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The use of industrial gas cylinders is very wide, but at the same time, there are some safety risks. In the process of using it, we need to master its basic safety knowledge, do a good job in cylinder management, to avoid some hidden safety problems. Then, how should the use of cylinder management? You can refer to the cylinder cylinder manufacturers the following methods!

1. Used within the inspection period, inspection period of various gas cylinders:

Seamless steel gas cylinders: corrosive gas cylinders, submersible gas cylinders and gas cylinders that are in constant contact with seawater shall be inspected every 2 years. Gas cylinders containing general gases shall be inspected every 3 years; Cylinders containing inert gas should be inspected every 5 years.

Gas cylinders with service life over 30 years shall not be inspected after registration and shall be disposed as scrapped.

Steel welded gas cylinder: the gas cylinder containing corrosive gas shall be inspected every 2 years. Cylinders containing general gases shall be inspected every 3 years. Gas cylinders with a service life of more than 12 years for containing corrosive gases and those with a service life of more than 20 years for containing other gases shall not be inspected after registration and shall be disposed as scrapped.

LPG cylinders: from the date of manufacture, the first to the third inspection cycle shall be 4 years, and each of the four inspection cycles shall be 3 years; For ysp-50 cylinder, inspect once every 3 years; For any cylinder whose service life exceeds 15 years, no inspection shall be conducted after registration and it shall be disposed as scrapped.

Dissolved acetylene cylinder: inspect once every 3 years.

In case of serious corrosion, damage or doubt on the safety and reliability of the gas cylinder during use, the cylinder should be inspected in advance.

Cylinders in stock and out of service for more than one inspection cycle shall be inspected prior to commissioning.

2. No defects or corrosion in appearance

Cylinder appearance without defects, sag, no mechanical damage and serious corrosion.

3. The paint color and mark are correct and obvious

Cylinder surface paint color, words and color ring mark should comply with the provisions, and cylinder warning label.

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